OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts and OUCH! Your Silence Hurts are two award-winning videos around which the Ouch! Diversity-Inclusion programs are based.

OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts is designed to explore the impact of bias and stereotypes and teach participants six straightforward techniques for speaking up against those behaviors without blame, shame, or guilt.  The goal is to explore and teach participants communication skills that promote inclusion and respect in the workplace.  The six techniques are explained, demonstrated, quizzed, and participants can practice them within mini-case / role play activities.  The six techniques are:
1. Address Positive Intent and Explain Impact
2. Ask a Question
3. Interrupt and Redirect
4. Make It Individual
5. Broaden to Universal Human Behavior
6. Say Ouch!
Participants report that this program is effective even years after the training because the techniques are easy to learn and use.

OUCH! Your Silence Hurts challenges people who say they want to speak up against bias, demeaning, or disrespectful behavior – but don’t for a range of reasons.  It encourages silent bystanders to speak up by sharing research about the consequences to the environment of allowing disrespectful communications to continue, the consequences to the bystander for not speaking up against what they believe to be wrong, addresses concerns and assumptions about who should speak up – and suggests how and when to be an ally for others.  This program has a number of powerful case studies that move people to speak up against bias, and the program gives them skills that empower them to do so respectfully.