CTS Belly Dance Combos

These combination videos demonstrate steps we have put into dance phrases, and then named them. In the CTS format, we have voice and action cues for these CTS Belly Dance Combos.

These videos are most helpful when you’re familiar with the movements within a combo but want to remember the timing and learn the name of the phrase. You do not have to do a phrase exactly as seen here. We modify CTS Belly Dance Combos all the time based on the music and the abilities of people who dance with us.

Our focus is not on technique … for technique training please take classes with a belly dance teacher like Amy Sigil, Rachel Brice, Mesmera, Jill Parker, Datura Online, Sahira, Zoe Jakes, etc.

May these combos inspire you to dance your dance.

There are over 150 CTS Belly Dance Combos in this playlist … listed alphabetically by the names I’ve given them. Click on the black box in the upper left corner of the video frame below that says “1 of >150” with a video title. Then scroll down to the video you would like to watch.

FYI: ‘CC’ is for Crystal Cavern warmup, ‘CTS’ is for the workout, and ‘CTBD’ is from the DVD workouts.

CTS Combos