I DANCE … and the world dissolves into the wholeness that it always was.

About Cardio Team Style Belly Dance

Cardio Team Style Belly Dance [CTS Dance], formerly Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance, originated as synchronized group improvisational style belly dancing and morphed into a transcultural fusion dance format. We still snake, shake and isolate as is typical of all belly dance styles, and we honor our roots and influences that include ATS (American Tribal Style), ITS (Improvisational Team Sync), the Datura Method (Tribal Fusion) and Egyptian-Middle Eastern folk dancing. We are inspired by and blend elements from an eclectic mix of ethnic, social and mindful movement approaches. We dance to contemporary and retro world music.

We believe “EveryBODY dances!” and have a strong commitment to an inclusive, respectful, empowering movement style.

CTS dance is naturalistic – meaning we use movements that are natural for your body, but with greater intention and control. If it hurts, we don’t do it. We tend to stay grounded (vs. on our toes) and earthy in our moves. You don’t need to be a gymnast or contortionist to do CTS. If you are, you can still do CTS combinations adding that flair, but it’s definitely not required.

Many of our moves have been adapted for people who have had injuries, have limited range of motion or have become deconditioned for various reasons. And still they dance – because they love to move. They find dancing does wonders for their hearts – emotionally and physically.

So have fun! Get fit! Unleash your inner dancer!

You have so many thoughts to choose from. Why choose the ones that disempower, stress, victimize or depress you? Choose the thoughts that empower you! Change your thought channel. You change your mind all the time when it suits you.

— Robin Denise Johnson

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