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Strengths-Based | Positive Psychology | Thought Partner


Inclusive | Results-Oriented | Compassionate Clarity


Mindful Movement | Creative Communication

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Imagine feeling empowered and clear as you do you!

Dr. Robin helps make that feeling a reality. She helps you understand how to mix, match and marshal talents, skills, strengths, knowledge and experience to achieve your most meaningful goals. Her inclusive, results-oriented approach to work-life balance, leadership development, team building and career management provides you the skills and guidance you need to capture that feeling.

If you are seeking one-on-one development and guidance, click on the COACHING circle below.

If you are interested in boosting your work and people-management skills, click the LEARNING circle below.

If you want to move mindfully to music with Dr. Robin, Zaltana, and the CTS Crew, click on the DANCING circle below.

Being a Kind Leader | 6 Soft S.K.I.L.L.S.

Being a Kind Leader | Six Soft S.K.I.L.L.S. by Robin Johnson

Click HERE to discover how to learn 6 behavior hacks to improve your relationships.

Coaching and Thought Partner


As your coach, I use a strengths-based, positive psychology view to be your thought partner as you explore who you are, what you want and strategies for achieving that. My approach is informed by the Birkman Method, Strengthsfinder, MBTI, Intercultural Development Inventory, my own Career by Design Methodology and Intuition training.

Learning, Leadership Development and Team Building


As an educator, I use an inclusive, results-oriented approach to leadership development and team building. I designed and delivered programs, books, audio and online learning that engaged the multi-dimensional workforce. I am known as a ‘soft-skills’ specialist who teaches with compassionate clarity.

Dancing and Choreography


As a dancer-choreographer, I believe everybody can dance. Dance is mindful movement to music. For many of us, the physical is memorable. In the dance-workout format I developed – CTS Dance – I blend lessons learned from dance and leadership … leading-following, rhythm and flow, timing and presence … all in creative ways that communicate through intentional movement.

At the center of your being, you know who you are and you know what you want.

— Lao Tzu

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Don’t ‘should’ all over yourself … or anybody else!

— Robin Johnson

The way people move is their autobiography in motion.

— Gerry Spence

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As an educator and lifelong learner, I use compassion and clarity in all my work. My intent is to create and structure learning experiences by chunking research-based information into digestible, doable, enjoyable units where the process of teaching-learning and the result of performing is joyful.

Life-school like you always wanted it.
Fun! Easy! Done!

Peace in Multiple Languages