Depending on the Dimensions of Diversity the client wants to address, and the skills they want to develop, Dr. Robin’s tailors Diversity and Inclusion sessions to meet those needs.

A sample outline for a 4-hour session might include the following objectives:
* Explore dimensions of diversity (individual identity vs. social identity)
* Differentiate targeted, neutral, and advantaged identities in your context
* Understand strategies for managing a targeted social identity (activity)
* Examine common behaviors that negatively impact the work environment
* Raise awareness of (unconscious) bias, microaggressions, and stereotypes (IAT)
* Practice skills to interrupt stereotypes, microaggression, and bias at work
* Learn skills that create and sustain a leverage differences environment

In many cases participants will be asked to do some pre- or post-work, usually some kind of self-assessment to open them to the learning experience.  Dr. Robin is particularly careful to create a psychologically safe environment for this topic.  And she shares research about psychological safety – what it is, why do it, and how to do it – because that’s a relevant skill for learning from, and leveraging diversity in organizations.  Her sessions always include  skill-building activities, research, and opportunities for participants to learn from each other.

Dr. Robin is also a certified facilitator for Leslie Aguilar’s Ouch! Programs (Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts and Ouch! Your Silence Hurts), and Pat Heim’s GenderSpeak Program.  Dr. Robin also integrates insights and skills from social identity research and Diversity-Inclusion practice into the general people-management topics she teaches.  Her Teams, Leadership, Mentoring, and Career Management programs model inclusion and address the issues of people from diverse groups.