TED Videos

Like millions of other people on the planet, I love TED talks.  Here are the links to some of my favorites.

This TedX video posted to YouTube on how to find your life purpose in 5 minutes by answering 5 questions deserves a kiss because it Keeps It Simple and Sweet.  Thank you Adam Liepzig.
Adam Liepzig on Life Purpose

Nancy Duarte is a master at decoding the structure of powerful stories.  I also like that she considers Eva Peron a major charismatic speaker in the 20th century – the real Evita, young, female, Latina.  (Eva Duarte Peron was no relation to Nancy Duarte).
Nancy Duarte on Charismatic Speeches

Motivation is a big topic, but Dan Pink shares research based motivation theory in a humorous, accessible way.
Dan Pink on Motivation

Behavioral Economist Ariely is really funny, and informative in this talk about how irrational our decision making is.
Ariely on Decision Making

Teresa Amabile’s work on creativity is legend at Harvard.  This TedX video (on YouTube) that covers some of the key material in her book The Progress Principle gives a great summary of how to motivate people on teams, and deal with the problem of employee disengagement that wreaks havoc with productivity and employee satisfaction in our organizations.
Teresa Amabile on Progress Principle

We know non-verbal communication is more powerful than the words we use.  Amy Cuddy demystifies some of those non-verbals in her TED talk to help us, especially women, communicate in an empowered way.
Amy Cuddy on Powerful Non-Verbals

Returning to the creativity theme, I found Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on Creative Genius very moving.
Elizabeth Gilbert on Creative Genius