Transformational Listening Workbook and eBook

Transformational Listening demonstrates respect behaviorally, helps you collaborate, builds trust, balances extraversion-introversion and direct-indirect communication styles, and is one of the most powerful competencies in the multicultural leader’s toolkit.

It is different from active listening since the listener refrains from asking questions or talking while listening to others. The intent of the listener is to connect, demonstrate respect, and learn from the other while the listener provides the speaker(s) with their undivided caring attention. It is one way of listening that can be used in addition to (or instead of) active listening.

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Transformational Listening


Materials for this title available in Mp3 formatThe Transformational Listening Mp3 is available for download now. This Mp3 is one of Dr. Robin’s Reminders — short audios tracks that summarize information from longer formats. They provide a convenient way to remember and share core concepts. Purchase the Mp3.

Runtime — 20 minutes

Audio Tracks:

01 Introduction 05 Talker’s Agendas
02 Ancient Chinese Character 06 Listening Benefits
03 Questions? 07 Conclusion
04 Listener’s Mindsets