With Dance of Leadership, Dr. Robin offers practical ways to discover, develop and use your unique leadership style. Using Gabrielle Roth’s five rhythms from dance as a metaphor for leadership styles, she describes five ways to lead and the situations in which each is likely to be called:

  • Flowing | Planning, taking things one-step at a time, controllable-planned change
  • Staccato | Command-control-direct-protect, crisis-emergency-time bound situations
  • Chaos | Emergent order without predictability, paradigm / frame busting required or control impossible
  • Lyrical | Relational and emotionally intelligent, need to influence without power / authority or control
  • Stillness | Being the change you wish to see, values / beliefs change where powerful present role-modeling is needed

These five styles are linked to personality information and leadership research. There are multicultural male and female examples to show you how you can lead in your unique way.