Values Inventory

Values List

This Values Inventory is a list of over 100 cultural, individual, work, and personal values.   From the list rate the values by importance to you using a scale from 1-10. 10 is the highest rating. Giving a value a 10 means this value is likely to be one of your top five values.  Then rate the other values.

You may need to iterate through the inventory so that you eventually have five and only five top values.   I know that it is challenge to select only five values, but this exercise will be far more helpful to you in living your values when you can get to your top five. The top five values can interact with each other in a way unique to you. The top five need not be in a fixed rank of one to five.

As you rate how important these values are to you, you will simultaneously learn about others’ values. You need not agree with others’ values, but it is helpful to know what other values are.  This also helps you to truly choose and prioritize your own values because of the contrasts.

A definition for each value is provided to help you think about what the value may mean.  Since they are your values, feel free to tweak any definition so it works for you.  At the end of the list there is room to add values that might not be on the list.  Feel free to let me (Dr. Robin) know if you believe a value needs to be added to the list.

Download the Values Inventory List.

Values List