Empowered Leadership – Authority, Competence, Trust
Leadership is a relationship – a relationship between those who choose to lead and those who choose to follow.  Dr. Robin shows you how to make that leader-follower relationship an empowering one. Empowerment, as defined in practice, includes three relational concepts – Authority, Competence and Trust. 

She uses the Leadership Trait Questionnaire (LTQ and LTQ Scoring downloads)
to connect each participant to the research,
to understand what authority, competence and trust mean at work,
to explore which behaviors actually empower, and
to suggest how to do empowering leadership.
In the session she shares practical results from robust research about decision-making biases to watch out for when you have authority; explores the difference between achievement orientation and perfectionism when developing competencies; and operationalizes three different kinds of trust so you can decide who, when, and how much to trust others at work.  Download Dr. Robin’s Empowered Leadership workshop brochure.


Leading and Managing (Change)
Dr. Robin’s sessions on leading and managing change focuses more on the people-side of leading change, than on organizational change management strategies.  In her leadership courses she would have students read about key research streams for leadership in the Western and Eastern traditions.  For executive education, she usually assigns a pre-reading that summarizes key research streams.  Her session may include the following objectives:
* Refer to key research streams for leadership (trait, development, situational, and relational theories from pre-work) – defining leadership and management
* Differentiating leadership from management
* Practicing a key leadership competency
* Exploring the dynamics of the leader-follower relationship (activity)
* Discuss and experience reactions-resistance to organizational and individual change
* Deepen understanding of trust for leading change
Dr. Robin has a number of energizing activities in this session that help participants remember many of the key concepts.  Moreover, she uses and explicitly diverse-multicultural range of leaders as role models for the leadership styles.


Dance of Leadership

Really move your audience with this creative and interactive session that broadens your understanding of the range of leadership styles and the situations in which each is most effective.  This session is particularly powerful as a keynote.  Download RJ DoL Keynote Brochure.  Your audience will have fun engaging in this learning experience as they decide which of the five leadership styles resonates most with them.

  1. Flowing: One step at a time planner
  2. Staccato: Direct, protect, command & control
  3. Chaos: Allowing order to emerge for creative problem-solving
  4. Lyrical: Mentoring & developing using relational skills
  5. Stillness: Quietly being a role model transformational leader

The short, simple, yet fun activities participants do will demonstrate the power of each of the five styles and the leader-follower relationship.

Dance of Leadership is available as a book, a workshop, a session, and soon – an online learning program.  Depending on time available, Dr. Robin will use her interactive video assessment to introduce participants to a range of leadership styles and the situations in which each is most effective.  This also helps participants decide which of the five leadership styles resonates most with them.  She then engages participants in activities that demonstrate the power of each of the five styles, and has participants discuss examples of each style in action.  Participants are asked to link what they’ve learned about leadership style and situational appropriateness to current organizational needs.

This program can also be tailored.  Employee Resource-Affinity groups sometimes ask Dr. Johnson to use leader profiles from the sponsoring group.  This can be a great workshop to teach leadership styles while simultaneously showcasing women, Black, LGBT, Latino, and Multi-dimensional leaders.

Download Dr. Robin’s Dance of Leadership workshop brochure.