GenderSpeak & CultureSpeak through the HeimGroup
Men and women grow up in different cultures. As a result we learn different lessons about “appropriate” behavior. What seems natural to one gender can seem mysterious and baffling to the other.  This program explains the roots of our gendered communication styles and explores the impact of these different styles on leadership and teamwork.  The research-based points are illustrated with real, sometime humorous examples from work and life that the audience will surely enjoy.  Moreover, you will learn some strategies for making communications smoother between women and men.

CultureSpeak blends some of the gendered communications with culture research to explain common responses – some more effective than others – to similarities and differences in our communication styles.  Global examples are used to illustrate the gender and cultural communications styles.  Dr. Johnson shares some research findings about the impact unexplored assumptions can have on work relationships, and provides examples of more effective responses for leading gender-culturally diverse organizations.