According to Gallap research Trust is the number one thing followers want from their leaders.  Yet Trust is one of those big words, like Love, that we know it when we feel it, but it seems hard to define.  Dr. Robin first started researching trust with her doctoral dissertation because trust was one of the key aspects of empowerment.  She then operationalized trust behaviors in the Leadership Trait Questionnaire (LTQ) when talking about Empowered Leadership.  Over time, by integrating insights and research from anti-bias, diversity & inclusion programs, she developed the Multicultural Trust Questionnaire.  This allows participants to explore what it is in practice, how to be trustworthy, who-how-when to trust, and how to manage betrayal and forgiveness.

In this session participants take either the short (10 questions) Trust Questionnaire, or the longer (20 Questions) Multicultural Trust Questionnaire as a way to engage with behaviors that define Trust.  Through use of that questionnaire and a number of activities they learn that trust is a verb, a noun, important when there’s risk, when there’s interdependence, and how to decide who? when? what kind? how much? and how can they choose to trust? – others at work.  We also address implications of refusing to trust others and work, and how to differentiate between the personal and the private in relationship sharing.

Dr. Robin also has a 360 version of the Trust questionnaires.  These are great conversation starters for team building.