Multi-Dimensional VidClips

These are links to videos that deal with topics such as unconscious bias, cultural competence, and diversity-inclusion topics.

GENDERED COMMUNICATION: This link connects you to the preview of Dr. Pat Heim’s GenderSpeak program video on the Invisible Rules of Men and Women on Teams.  Her Power Dead Even Rule video is also great, as are her books Hardball for Women, and In the Company of Women.  Definitely this video should be in your company’s diversity library.
Heim – Invisible Rules Preview

SILENT COLLUSION: This link connects you to the preview of Leslie Aguilar’s video “Ouch Your Silence Hurst” on Vimeo.  I highly recommend you add this video to your organization’s diversity library.  Many people believe that if they avoid making stereotypical or biased comments they are being inclusive.  But standing by when others are being dis’d through silent collusion contributes passively to an environment that excludes.  Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts is also on my recommended list.
Aguilar – Ouch Your Silence Hurts Preview

INTROVERSION: I recommend Susan Cain’s book Quiet on my resource list.  Being an introvert myself, I appreciate her insight and research summaries in the book.  This TED talk is more motivational with examples of introverted leaders, the ever-present pressure to be extraverted designed into our schools and workplaces, and the need for-benefits from using the introverted style.
Susan Cain on Introversion

COVERING: Many people link diversity and inclusion as if it is automatic that once you have diversity you will also have inclusion.  Kenji Yoshino uses the term Covering to discuss how many people are expected to mask their social identity in diverse environments as a pre-requisite to being included.
Kenji Yoshino on Covering

RACE-ETHNICITY-SEXUAL ORIENTATION: We know there’s still a lot of discourse about whether we’re in a post-racial / post-ethnic society.  One contribution to this conversation comes from the young people at Buzzfeed who have done a series of very short humorous? reversal videos and posted them to YouTube with examples of the kinds of things people say, thoughtlessly, that challenge the post- anything notion.
If Asians said the stuff White people say
If Black people said what White people say
If Latinos said the stuff White people say
If Lesbians said the stuff straight people say
If Black women said the stuff White men say

you get the idea…