Dr. Robin’s questionnaires are designed to increase your awareness and help you learn about both the topic and yourself in the process. She may require that you complete one or more of these questionnaires prior to attending one of her leadership development program sessions. Program participants will generally be asked to print their questionnaire results out at the end of the process, and should bring those results with them to the program. Dr. Robin will not print or keep copies of your results.

There is no charge to you to take these assessments. If you decide to have all the members of your team take an assessment, please let Dr. Robin know in advance as a courtesy.

The questionnaires are for personal-professional development purposes only and may not be used for research. If you are considering using one of Dr. Robin’s questionnaires for research, please contact her.


Cultural Competence Questionnaire
This Cultural Competence Questionnaire will help you gain insight into your cultural competence. Your Cultural Competence scores will be made up of four sub-scales:

  1. Motivation for intercultural interaction
  2. Knowledge about other cultures
  3. Strategy for intercultural interaction
  4. Behavioral adaptation during intercultural interactions

For the purposes of this questionnaire “Culture” means any cultural category – National culture (such as Canadian, Turkish, Japanese, etc), Gender culture (female or male), Racio-Ethnic culture (Black-African, Latino, Asian-American, Jewish, Greek-American, etc), Generation (Matures, Boomers, X, Millennial), sexual orientation (LGBTQ or Heterosexual), differing abilities (hearing, sight, mobility, learning) etc. – any large group of people with shared values, beliefs, expectations, language, art, and behaviors.  Click the link below to take this questionnaire.


Dance of Leadership Style
This self-assessment tool is designed to help you decide which rhythm(s) and associated leadership style appeals to you on an intuitive level.  You will decide your degree of resonance to a series of images.  The five styles are:

  • Flowing – Taking things one step at a time, keeping people on track, shifting energy flow into the most productive channels
  • Staccato – Directive, decisive, action-oriented, meeting resistance with equal or stronger counter force. Command, control, direct, protect
  • Chaos – Busting frames and comfort zones, riding waves of confusion, surrendering to creative voids, allowing order to emerge, encouraging followers to believe they can and will survive
  • Lyrical – Appealing to others and showing them how their interests will be served by knowing their hopes, dreams, motives, and interests. Empathy.
  • Stillness – Transforming and empowering followers by being the change you wish to see in the world, acting with deep integrity, consistency, and transparency

Click on the link below to take the Dance of Leadership style questionnaire.


Leadership Trait Questionnaire
This assessment covers 3 areas:

  1. Section A: Authority Quotient – your propensity to use your decision-making ability and seek position power.
  2. Section C: Competence Quotient – your propensity to seek out and complete tasks to high standards.
  3. Section T: Trust Quotient – your propensity to relate to others in ways that gain their confidence. Differentiates between Competence-based, Character-based, and Communication-based trust.

Go to to take this questionnaire.

Multicultural Trust Questionnaire
This questionnaire helps you decide how trustworthy you are on three dimensions of trust and guides you to include behaviors that help people from different cultural groups see you as trust worthy.  You can take this questionnaire at

Work-Life Balance Questionnaire
Work life harmony requires us to consider that all the aspects of our lives are interconnected. What happens in our relationships affects our professional-career life and our health.  What is going on with our bodies, affects our interactions with our friends.  Money issues can make it difficult to work out relationship challenges, or to have fun and relax.  Work-Life harmony and integration sessions start with your subjective satisfaction rating for 12 areas of life we must all manage – Health, Body, Friends, Family, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Rest & Relaxation, Career, Significant Others, Finances, Home, and Environment. The questionnaire also encourages you to envision what complete satisfaction would be for you in each of these twelve areas.  Spend some time reflecting on what matters most to you at