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DOL-3d-coverDANCE OF LEADERSHIP: Mastering the art of making a difference using your unique style

The Myth: The Heroic Strategist. Our current image of a masculine, take-charge heroic leader with a visionary strategic plan who goes unerringly for the goal.

The Reality: Chaotic change and influence without authority. We have multicultural women and men often leading in chaos, in situations with limited authority, or by influencing others from behind the scenes.

The Solution: Inclusive definition and role models. An inclusive model of leadership that looks at a wider range of traits, skills, and situations that inspire actual and potential leaders to be more effective in today’s world.

Dr. Robin offers practical ways to discover, develop, and use your unique leadership style. Using Roth’s five rhythms from dance as a metaphor for leadership styles, the book describes five ways to lead and the situations in which each is likely to be called:

  • Flowing (planning, taking things one-step at a time, controllable-planned change),
  • Staccato (command-control-direct-protect, crisis-emergency-time bound situations),
  • Chaos (emergent order without predictability, paradigm/frame busting required or control impossible),
  • Lyrical (relational and emotionally intelligent, need to influence without power/authority or control),
  • Stillness (being the change you wish to see, values/beliefs change where powerful present role modeling needed).

These five styles are linked to personality information and leadership research. There are multicultural male and female examples to show you how you can lead in your unique way. The book also provides a questionnaire to help you assess your leadership style.

An abridged version of Dance of Leadership is available as an audio CD


CBD-3d-coverCAREER BY DESIGN: Tips and tools for re-inventing, re-focusing, and re-balancing your work-life

No matter how far people go in their careers, if they feel they are not being the true to themselves, not doing what they love, not fulfilling their purpose, or somehow being inauthentic – the cost will have been too high.  In this third edition of her popular Career by Design Workbook, Dr. Robin provides Tips and Tools for re-inventing, re-focusing, and re-balancing your Work-Life.  The workbook helps you:

  • ground your career choices in your unique personality
  • choose and live according to your core values
  • articulate and negotiate to get your needs met
  • play for pay using your motivating interests
  • leverage your strengths and develop your best work skills
  • avoid taking energy draining jobs
  • develop people and delegate away tasks that use your supporting skills
  • negotiate in your performance reviews to focus more on what you do well and skills you want to develop
  • balance/harmonize work with other aspects of your life
  • make time for your priorities
  • craft a 2-minute career contribution statement delineating your contributions to your organization, mentioning your top skills with data, sharing the direction you want your career to take, and asking for support for the next career steps

This third edition of the Career by Design workbook has the Mission Statement, Career by Design Matrix and Career Statements tools that were popular in previous editions, but has additional tools including a mission-based decision matrix, work-life balance assessment, and a time-mastery scheduling matrix. It also references and integrates information from the MBTI, the Birkman Method, Lominger VOICES 360 feedback, and Strengths Finder assessments.

By using the CAREER BY DESIGN system you manage your performance, seek-use-give feedback more effectively, focus more on your contributions to your organizations, work better with co-workers/bosses/team members, and manage your relationships with peers and mentors. As a manager, this workbook is a good guide to helping you develop your direct reports and discuss the direction they want their careers to take.


EL-3d-coverEMPOWERED LEADERSHIP: ACT! Authority, Competence, Trust

Leadership is a relationship – a relationship between those who choose to lead and those who choose to follow. In this handbook, Dr. Robin talks about some of the ways you can make that leader-follower relationship an empowering one. She discovered through research that empowerment, as defined in practice, includes three relational concepts – Authority, Competence and Trust.

• Authority is the right to make decisions appropriate for your work role.

• Competence is the skills you need to carry out your job tasks, as well as the ability to learn to do your work better.

• Trust includes fairness in a respectful relationship between you, your managers, your co-workers and your company.

You have to have all three in the work relationship for people to experience it as empowering.

The Leadership Trait Questionnaire included with this handbook helps you gain insight into your experience of authority, competence and trust at work.

She shares the practical results from robust research about decision making biases to watch out for when you have authority; she explains the difference between achievement orientation and perfectionism when developing competencies; and she shares three different kinds of trust so you can decide who, when, and how much to trust others in your work context. There’s also information about trust in the multicultural context that encourages thoughtful reflection and conversations. The combination of practical research-based suggestions within this interactive handbook makes it a helpful resource.

This handbook is also available as a downloadable Mp3 file.
The Leadership Trait Questionnaire is available to take online.


MT-3d-coverMULTICULTURAL TEAMS: Creating and sustaining an environment for learning from perspective diversity that maximizes team effectiveness

Multicultural Teams outperform other teams when you need creativity, commitment and buy in – but only if they are designed and managed well. This handbook will explain how to design and manage your multicultural team well, and how to create and sustain a learn-from differences environment. It provides practical suggestions from research on how to design your team for success, and then explains how to leverage diverse perspectives within your team to maximize creative problem solving, specifically:

  • A clear, motivating focus that requires team members to engage in conversation about why the mission is important strategically to the organization and personally to them
  • An understanding of how important designing the team well is, while knowing how to make the right intervention into the group process at the right time
  • Metrics that measure output, learning and satisfaction
  • The right degree of empowerment and the right type of team given your task and members’ skills
  • The soft-skills tool kit every manager needs to maximize learning on the team
    – Transformational listening skills (not just active listening)
    – Inclusive behaviors, particularly connecting names with ideas to encourage participation
    – Giving timely, specific, culturally competent feedback to motivate progress towards goal achievement
    – Minority influence strategies to make all contributions count, avoid dis’ing, and keep groupthink at bay
    – Communication skills to move from conflict to collaboration

Multicultural Teams is also available as a downloadable Mp3 file.



The audio CDs are available as part of the materials packets given to participants in Dr. Robin’s programs. If you would like to purchase extra copies of these CDs, please contact us with the request.



DOLaudio_225x300In this abridged 72 minute summary of the five leadership styles from the Dance of Leadership book you will review leadership research streams, take the leadership styles assessment (included with the CD), understand the energy and situations appropriate for each of the five styles – Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness – and hear a short profile of multi-dimensional leaders who demonstrated each of style. Leaders profiled on this CD are Dona Fela, Michael Jordan, Madame CJ Walker, Sun Tzu, Margaret Cho, Einstein, Hopi Spider Woman, Sargent Shriver, Byron Katie and Gandhi.


01 Introduction 11 Lyrical Leaders
02 Leadership Research Streams 12 Stillness Style
03 Style Assessment 13 Stillness Leaders
04 Flowing Style 14 Style Profile
05 Flowing Leaders 15 Flowing Leadership Situations
06 Staccato Style 16 Staccato Leadership Situations
07 Staccato Leaders 17 Chaos Leadership Situations
08 Chaos Style 18 Lyrical Leadership Situations
09 Chaos Leaders 19 Stillness Leadership Situations
10 Lyrical Style 20 Review

Contact Dr. Robin to buy the Dance of Leadership Audio CD.



ELaudio_225x300The audio CD contains all the information in the Empowered Leadership handbook, including the Leadership Trait Questionnaire (LTQ).
Run Time 59 minutes

01   LTQ Preface
02   LTQ Introduction
03   LTQ Questions
04   Scoring Authority
05   Decision Making Biases
06   Scoring Competence
07   Achievement vs. Perfectionism
08   SMARTER Goals
09   Scoring Trust
10   Betrayal-Violating VABEs
11   Multicultural Trust Issues
12   Summary
13   Conclusion

Contact Dr. Robin to access the downloadable Empowered Leadership Mp3 files.


MTaudio_225x300In this two-disc audio program you learn what the research suggests are the best ways to design your multicultural team for success, and what experience shows are five top skills for leveraging diversity in teams.

Design For Success In 5 Steps   II Five Skills That Leverage Diversity
1 Focus = Clear, Motivating Mission 1 Articulating Mission With “Why” Discussion
2 Processes = Design And Develop 2 Inclusive Behaviors
3 Metrics-Output, Learning, Satisfaction 3 Minority Influence To Avoid Groupthink
4 Questions = Team Type 4 Accountability Feedback With High Expectations
5 Skills = Leverage Diversity 5 Culturally Competent Collaborative Behaviors
01 Introduction 01 Five Interlocking Skills – Mission
02 Defining Teams 02 Inclusion
03 Multicultural Teams Research 03 Minority Influence
04 Maximizing Teams 5 Steps 04 Accountability – High Expectations
05 Mission 05 Feedback
06 Design For Success 06 Giving Feedback
07 Understand Group Development 07 Giving Feedback Example
08 Consensus Decision Making 08 Receiving Feedback
09 Motivating Metrics 09 Collaborative Behaviors
10 Mark Progress 10 Conflict Behaviors
11 Four Team Types 11 Adding Culture
12 Conflict To Collaboration
13 Conclusion

Contact Dr. Robin to access the downloadable Multicultural Teams Mp3 files.


Dr. Robin’s Reminders are short audio CDs that review information she presents in keynotes and seminars. Dr. Robin’s Reminders provide a convenient way to remember and share core concepts from her leadership development experiences. These CDs are currently available through her programs pages as downloadable Mp3 files. If you wish to have a copy, contact us.



Using any one of the skills in this acronym will boost your leadership effectiveness:

Solution seeking
Learning, and

Solution Seeking explains why you want to value people with answers and team members who engage others in the process for finding solutions.  Kudos shares the motivation research that says the best Kudos:Constructive Criticism ratio is 3:1 and explains how to give feedback effectively using that research.  While there are many inclusion strategies, using names with contributions is high-leverage inclusive behavior that works really when leading diverse-multicultural teams.  Listening is a meta-emotional intelligence competency that demonstrates respect, balances cultural and personality-based communication styles and helps you learn fast.  Learning from different perspectives is core benefit of diversity, according to state-of-the-art Harvard Business School research.  While many people managers already know to make SMART goals (Specific, Measured, Actionable, Results-Oriented and Timed, the motivation research suggests that adding Engaging and Reinforcement to your goals, e.g. making them SMARTER goals, boosts your team’s effectiveness.

01  S-Solution Seeking (value people with answers and a process for finding solutions)
02  K-Kudos (motivation research says best Kudos:Constructive Criticism ratio is 3:1)
03  I-Inclusion (using names with contributions is high-leverage inclusive behavior)
04  L-Listening (meta-competency to demonstrate respect, balance communication styles, learn fast)
05  L-Learning (from different perspectives is core benefit of diversity)
06  S-SMARTER goals (Specific, Measured, Actionable, Results-Oriented, Timed, Engaging, Reinforced)
07  Conclusion
Audio CD Run Time 18 minutes

Contact Dr. Robin to access the downloadable Six Secret Soft S.K.I.L.L.S. Mp3 files.



Transformational Listening demonstrates respect behaviorally, helps you collaborate, builds trust, balances extraversion-introversion and direct-indirect communication styles, and is one of the most powerful competencies in the multicultural leaders’ toolkit. It is different from active listening since the listener refrains from asking questions or talking while listening to others. The intent of the listener is to connect, demonstrate respect, and learn from the other while the listener provides the speaker(s) with their undivided caring attention. It is one way of listening that can be used in addition to (or instead of) active listening.

01   Introduction
02  Ancient Chinese Character
03  Questions?
04  Listener’s Mindsets
05  Talker’s Agendas
06  Listening Benefits
07  Conclusion
Audio CD Run Time 20 minutes

Contact Dr. Robin to access the downloadable Transformational Listening Mp3 files.



Jamming your ideas down others’ throats,
Embarrassing them,
Retaliating, and
Kissing Up – might cause your direct reports to consider you a JERK manager.
Dr. Robin explains why these behaviors cause problems in work relationships.

01  J-Jam Ideas
02  E-Embarrass
03  R-Retaliate
04  K-Kiss Up
Audio CD Run Time 10 minutes

Contact Dr. Robin to access the downloadable Don’t Be a JERK Manager Mp3 files.



GammaPictureThe Gamma Project team video case is a multicultural team interacting over a 5.5 minute time period. Dr. Robin uses this case to help participants observe effective and ineffective behaviors within a work context. Her debriefs can focus on different aspects of the interaction — conflict behaviors, collaborative behaviors, race-ethnicity-culture-gender dynamics, effective-ineffective feedback, verbal vs. non-verbal communication issues, team effectiveness assessment, soft/relationship skills that leverage participation, etc.

Please contact Dr. Robin to arrange a private preview of the Gamma Team video if your organization is considering a professional development program where observing a multicultural work group followed by soft skill development for participants would add to the learning experience.