Career By Design

Tips and Tools for re-inventing, re-focusing, and re-balancing your Work-Life.  No matter how far people go in their careers, if they feel they are not being the true to themselves, not doing what they love, not fulfilling their purpose, or somehow being inauthentic – the cost will have been too high.  In this third edition of her popular Career by Design Workbook, Dr. Robin helps you:

  • ground your career choices in your unique personality,
  • live according to your core values,
  • be able to articulate and negotiate to get your needs met,
  • play for pay using your motivating interests
  • leverage your strengths and develop your best work skills
  • avoid taking energy draining jobs, and
  • develop people and delegate away tasks that use your supporting skills

This third edition has the Mission Statement, Career by Design Matrix and Career Statements tools that were popular in previous editions, but has additional tools including a mission-based decision matrix, work-life balance assessment, and a time-mastery scheduling matrix.

By using the CAREER BY DESIGN system you manage your performance, seek-use-give feedback more effectively, focus more on your contributions to your organizations, work better with co-workers/bosses/team members, and manage your relationships with peers and mentors better.

Dr. Robin’s Career by Design workshop helps identify and map interests, skills, values;  write personal mission, contribution and legacy statements; and provides a number of tips and tools for re-inventing, re-focusing, and rebalancing work/life.  Her approach requires participants to accept responsibility for managing their own careers, focus on contributions-results (not just activity) matched to their job descriptions for effective performance management, and improve their skills as mentor-coaches for their direct reports.  Download Dr. Robin’s Career by Design Workshop brochure.