J.E.R.K. manager

J.E.R.K. is an acronym for

Jamming your ideas down others’ throats,
Embarrassing them,
Retaliating, and
Kissing Up – might cause your direct reports to consider you a JERK manager.

Most of the time Dr. Robin talks about what you should do to be an effective leader or manager.  But every now and then people say they appreciate a clear message about what does not work and why.  This short audio explains why those four behaviors cause problems in work relationships.

DRJ_productspage_05DON’T BE A J.E.R.K. MANAGER
01  J-Jam Ideas
02  E-Embarrass
03  R-Retaliate
04  K-Kiss Up

This is a Dr. Robin’s Reminder audio program.  Dr. Robin’s Reminder audios review information she presents in keynotes and seminars, providing a convenient way to remember and share core concepts from these leadership development experiences.

Audio Run Time 10 minutes
Download size 9Mb

If you would like access to this audio and did not have it included with your program, please contact Dr. Robin.