JERK Manager

Don't Be a JERK Manager Workbook and eBook

Don’t be a J.E.R.K. Manager, because …

Jamming your ideas down others’ throats,
Embarrassing them,
Retaliating, and
Kissing Up

… might cause your direct reports to consider you a J.E.R.K. Manager.

Dr. Robin explains why these behaviors cause problems in work relationships in the audio available now. The Workbook is coming soon.

Don’t be a J.E.R.K. Manager materials are available in the following formats.

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Materials for this title available in Mp3 format



Materials for this title available in Mp3 formatDr. Robin’s Reminder
Don’t Be a J.E.R.K. Manager is one of Dr. Robin’s Reminders — short audios tracks that summarize information from longer formats. They provide a convenient way to remember and share core concepts. Purchase the Mp3.

Runtime — 10 minutes

Audio Tracks:

1 J — Jam Ideas 3 R — Retaliate
2 E — Embarrass 4 K — Kiss Up