LIVE, IN-PERSON BELLY DANCE CLASSES start October 3rd! Join us Mondays and Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at Starlight Dance Center in Palm Desert, CA (SoCal). Contact Robin HERE for more info. HYBRID DANCE CLASSES (in-person small pod + Zoom) continue in the Riverside area, CA (SoCal). Contact Pam for more info at (951) 313-5240.

Click HERE for more information and details about all our belly dance classes in Southern California (SoCal)!

Click HERE to visit Dr. Robin’s Cardio Team Style (CTS) Dance site or below for information about CTS Workouts, Zaltana and CTS Instruction!

Robin Johnson’s Cardio Team Style (CTS) Belly Dance Workout

Have fun! Get fit! Unleash your inner dancer!

Mandala with Horu Spiral | Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance (CTS) Workout Videos

CTS Workout

Free Belly Dance Workout Videos

Start with a free CTS Core Workout!

A CTS Core Workout is a great way to start your CTS dance journey. We use accelerated learning techniques to teach you a lot of moves so you’re up and dancing quickly and safely.

The focus is on fun and dance movement, rather than technique.

… And good news …
these workouts are FREE!

Zaltana | CTS Performance Troupe in Southern California


CTS Performance Troupe in SoCal

Our dance troupe, Zaltana, performs CTS dances for community events. Robin and Angela are based in the Coachella Valley, Pam is in the Riverside area.

We are joined often by the CTS Dance Crew (our students) for SoCal dance parties and non-profit events. Robin develops the combos and routines, and we video demos of those for CTS Instruction. Robin and Pam also teach CTS.

Blue Wooden Zil Cymbal | Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance (CTS) Instruction for Crew and Students

CTS Instruction

Access for CTS Crew & Students

We’re hoping you’ll have so much fun and learn so much so quickly, you’ll find deepening your dance technique to be a natural way to progress over time. If you have access to the video instruction pages, go to the Instruction Page HERE to access all the videos – CTS dance routines, cued choreographies, demonstrations of the combinations, resource materials to download and more. If you don’t have access, but would like to have it, please contact RJ HERE.