Cultural Competence


Developing Cultural Competence is a process. It starts with Motivation for intercultural interaction, followed by Knowledge about other cultures, then effective Strategies for intercultural engagement and Behavioral Adaptation during intercultural interactions.

Developing Cultural Competence Workbook and eBook

Dr. Robin’s view of culture, and the need for cultural competence, is broad. Culture includes aspects of individual identity, visible and invisible social identity tied to relevant demographics, organizational roles, and cultural values — gender, race-ethnicity, generation, LGBT orientation, religion, organizational focus, etc.

Cultural competence does not require you to know all the detailed content about every aspect of identity and culture. Cultural Competence is your attitude — thoughts, feelings and behaviors — towards cultural similarities and differences. To be culturally-competent, you need only be interested in people from other cultures, be sensitive enough to notice cultural differences, and be willing to modify your thoughts and behaviors as an indication of respect for people from other cultures.

Dr. Robin starts the process of becoming more culturally-competent by having you assess your cultural competence using a well-established research-based tool. Dr. Robin frequently combines this information with the Birkman Method because it gives additional insight into when, where, and how you may have strong preferences. Dr. Robin then links these personal insights to cultural awareness.

By the end of the process, you will have:

  • Increased your cultural awareness of self and others.
  • Improved your ability to bridge culture-based communication gaps.
  • Been encouraged to bridge commonalities while being inclusive with differences.


As a certified user of many psychological assessments designed to help you be and do your best, Dr. Robin is able to help you decode the feedback from these assessments, confidentially, with awareness of unconscious biases that may creep into the interpretation of the results. Because of her familiarity with these assessments’ strengths and limitations, and her deep knowledge of Diversity-Equity-Inclusion issues, she helps you use the information and stay your authentic self.

She also works with Executive and Life Coaches to help them be more culturally-competent when working with their clients. For a conversation with Dr. Robin about a targeted cultural competence consultation or coaching session, email her HERE.


Cultural Competence Workbook

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Cultural Competence Questionnaire (CCQ) | Online Survey

Dr. Robin’s questionnaires are designed to increase your awareness and help you learn about both the topic and yourself in the process. Please print your questionnaire results out at the end of the process. Dr. Robin will not have, print or keep copies of your results.

There is no charge to you to take this questionnaire. If you decide to have other members of your team take an assessment, please let Dr. Robin know in advance as a courtesy.

The questionnaire is for personal-professional development purposes only and may not be used for research. If you are considering using this questionnaire for research, please contact Dr. Robin HERE.

This Cultural Competence Questionnaire will help you gain insight into your cultural competence. Your Cultural Competence scores will be made up of four sub-scales:

  1. Motivation for intercultural interaction
  2. Knowledge about other cultures
  3. Strategy for intercultural interaction
  4. Behavioral adaptation during intercultural interactions

For the purposes of this questionnaire ‘Culture’ means any cultural category — National culture (such as Canadian, Turkish, Japanese, etc.), Gender culture (female or male), Racio-Ethnic culture (Black-African, Latino, Asian-American, Jewish, Greek-American, etc.), Generation (Matures, Boomers, X, Millennial), sexual orientation (LGBTQ or Heterosexual), differing abilities (hearing, sight, mobility, learning, etc.) — any large group of people with shared values, beliefs, expectations, language, art, and behaviors. Click HERE to take this free questionnaire.

Cultural Competence Questionnaire (CCQ) | Download Questionnaire and Interpretation

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Materials for this title available in questionnaire or survey formatClick HERE to download the Cultural Competence Questionnaire.

Click HERE to download Cultural Competence Questionnaire Interpretation.

Click HERE to take the free online Cultural Competence Questionnaire Survey.