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Career by Design MaterialsCareer by Design provides tips and tools for re-inventing, re-focusing and re-balancing your work-life!

No matter how far people go in their careers, if they feel they are not being the true to themselves, not doing what they love, not fulfilling their purpose, or somehow being inauthentic — the cost will have been too high.

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Table of Contents (90 Pages | 10 Chapters | © 2017 | Abridged Birkman edition)

1 Personality / Needs (Birkman)   6 Career by Design Matrix
2 Values   7 Career Contribution Statement
3 Mission Statement   8 S.E.E.D.
4 Motivating Interests   9 Work-Life Balance
5 Skills Inventory   10 Time Management

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Table of Contents (151 Pages | 7 Chapters | © 2013 | MBTI edition)

1 Introduction 6 Strengths and Skills (Strengthsfinder)
2 Personality – MBTI 7 Career by Design Matrix
3 Values and Needs (Mission Statement) 8 Tips and Tools (Decision Matrix, Career Statements, Work-Life Balance, Time Mastery)
4 Motivating Interests (20 Things You Love to Do)

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Introduction to Career by Design.

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Collage of Various Careers and ProfessionsThe Career Contribution Statement focuses on your contribution to your company. It has an executive tone as you make it clear through your communication that you are a committed contributor to your existing organization or industry.

The Career Contribution Statement is a type of Career Statement.

The Career Statement summarizes the conclusions you have reached about your career direction. In it you state your areas of experience and past value to your organization, and you put forth what you believe could be your future contribution.

Download the free Career by Design Career Statement Worksheets HERE.

Dr. Robin Johnson Coaching - Purple Lotus FlowerSometimes a client wants to tap into both esoteric and exoteric wisdom approaches with Dr. Robin as a thought partner. Dr. Robin is a PK — preacher’s kid — whose family were / are strongly connected to the African American religious and gospel traditions of the U.S. South.

Dr. Robin started her interest in theology and religion early in life and was happy she was introduced early to an open-minded, ecumenical approach to religion. As an adult, she has explored spiritual / religious systems from around the globe through her studies and travels; studied psychological astrology with Jungian-oriented, Liz Greene at the Center for Psychological Astrology in London. For years she has taught and practiced numerology and tarot. She is a practitioner of the Work of Byron Katie, an explorer into New Thought and Mindfulness practices, learned the Enneagram from Helen Palmer and Archetypical / depth psychology from a number of teachers.

An Intuitive Coaching session with Dr. Robin allows you to be open to that wide range of intuitive modalities to explore questions of interest to you.

If this appeals to you, feel free to contact Dr. Robin HERE for a free exploratory consultation.

MBTI / Myers-Briggs LogoMBTI is one of, if not the, most widely used personality assessment in the world because of the way it speaks to so many people and its emphasis on what’s right with you.

There is a lot of career-relevant information based on the MBTI, in part because it’s been so widely used for years on college campuses for career guidance.

Feel free to download an overview HERE of the MBTI, including information about the subscales used in MBTI step II.

For an audio overview, download the MBTI Mp3 files HERE (zipped file with 25 Mp3 files).

Journaling Mission Statement ProcessCrafting and memorizing your personal Mission Statement helps you remember your top five values and make decisions consistent with those values. It may also blend in core aspects to your character and personality. You will choose words that resonate most with you.

The Process:

  • Do the Values Inventory first HERE.
  • Download the Mission Statement Worksheets HERE. These come from the Career by Design Workbook.
  • List your top five values.
  • Draft your mission statement.
  • Make sure it is in the powerful, positive, present tense.
  • Send / discuss it with me to tweak it so it’s short, accurate, and memorable for you. Email it HERE.
  • Use your Mission Statement as a Decision-Matrix for key life decisions.

Dr. Robin Coaching Method MaterialsThe Dr. R.O.B.I.N. Coaching Method is an acronym summarizing an approach to a coaching conversation. It is helpful for clients who work with me to give some thoughts to the five questions that go with each letter …

R — Results | What result do you wish to achieve from this conversation? From our coaching relationship?

O — Options | What are some of your options? Think of at least three. Changing your mind / beliefs about what is happening is always one of the options.

B — Barriers | What are the barriers to acting on each of those options?

I — Insights | What ideas, insights, inspirational role models do you have to work through this issue?

N — Next Steps | What are the next steps you will take to move forward? To whom, and how will you communicate that you’ve taken those steps. Who will be your accountability partner?

Introduction to The Work Video

This approach can be used in short ‘coaching-in-the-moment’ conversations, in longer coaching conversations, and as a structured journaling process. Feel free to download the quick summary HERE.

Work Skills InventoryThe downloadable Skills Inventory here is from my Career by Design workbook. It is a list of typical work skills, and a more expanded list of soft-relational skills. I also share a way to organize skills into themes. Many of the people I work with use soft-skills more in their management and leadership roles than they do technical skills. If you are in that situation and wish to develop your soft skills, consider the Six Secret Soft S.K.I.L.L.S. information you’ll find HERE.

Click HERE to download the Skills Inventory from Dr.Robin’s Career by Design workbook.

For more information about Career Statements, click HERE. Click HERE to download the Career by Design Career Statement Worksheets

StrengthsFinder Top Five Personal Strengths RopeClassic career coaching focuses on having people identify their skills and combine those skills with interests and values to suggest satisfying careers. More recently, the strengths-based approach, exemplified by the Gallup Organization’s StrengthsFinder, has become popular, particularly with the two youngest generations in the workforce.

Based on Gallup’s research, the best route to job satisfaction is to develop your top five talents into strengths, and then, to accumulate a track record for using those strengths to make a contribution in your career. Strengths are a combination of values, motivating interests, talents you may take for granted, and skills you do almost effortlessly. StrengthsFinder Inventory cannot tell you how well you have actually developed those talents. For that information, it is best to get some type of feedback assessment.

Living Your Values MaterialsThe Living Your Values workbook includes an inventory of over 150 cultural, individual, work, and personal values. Your first task will be to read through all of them and select your top five values. All of the values are positive. The challenge is in choosing only five values.

Using the Values Clarification worksheet you will start to differentiate espoused (talked about) values from enacted (lived) values. You will then be asked to share your core values and think of ways to live-enact your values.

Click HERE for your free Living Your Values Workbook.

Click HERE for the online VIA Character Strengths assessment.

If you would like Living Your Values coaching with Dr. Robin using this information, please contact her HERE to help you deepen your understanding of how you enact those aspects of your character in your daily life.

Holistic Work-Life Balance MaterialsHolistic Work–Life Balance requires us to consider how all the aspects of our lives are interconnected.

What happens in our relationships affects our professional / career life and our health … what’s going on with our bodies affects our interactions with our friends … money issues can make it difficult to work out relationship challenges or to have fun and relax …

And so on …

Click HERE to take the free online Work-Life Balance questionnaire. Be sure to download your results. Dr. Robin will not have or receive your results.

Click HERE to download the Work-Life Balance questionnaire (PDF format). Scoring instructions are included.

Contact Dr. Robin HERE if you are interested in Work-Life Balance coaching session(s).