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Working the Birkman Method MaterialsThe Birkman Method® combines motivational, behavioral and interest evaluation into a single assessment that provides a multi-dimensional and comprehensive analysis, thus reducing the need for multiple assessments.
A key benefit of the Birkman Method® is delineating the gaps between what you do and what you need. It identifies your usual-adaptive behaviors (often a personal strength), your needs, and likely behaviors you exhibit when your needs are not met (stress).

The Birkman Method® is one of the best ways to gain insight into and provide non-judgmental language for articulating, negotiating and taking responsibility for getting your NEEDS met.

Working the Birkman Method … this workbook will supplement the information you will get from your personal Birkman report.

Connie Charles, author of The Magic of The Method: How the Birkman Profile Can Be Your Power Source for Success has developed a tool called “iMapMyTeam” that provides great self-paced, eLearning using the Birkman Method.

Contact me HERE for access to this tool.

  • The questionnaire is delivered online and should take about 30 minutes to complete.
  • In order to take it, Dr. Robin will need your email address and payment.
  • When you have completed the assessment, Birkman will notify Dr. Robin, and she will have your report prepared and emailed to the address you provided when you took the assessment.
  • Dr. Robin will also provide you with some guidelines on where to focus your attention while reading the report, some prep work, and ask you to contact her to schedule a debriefing conversation.

While it is possible to take the assessment in 24 languages (you choose when you start taking it), all reports at this time will be delivered in U.S.-based English.

Please contact Dr. Robin HERE if you would like to take the Birkman Method Assessment.

If you are working with Dr. Robin in a coaching capacity, most likely she will ask you to use her Working the Birkman Method workbook to explore how to use the Birkman information effectively. You can purchase her Working the Birkman Method workbook below.

Sample Birkman Method Reports

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The Birkman Method Books | Purchase

  • Working the Birkman Method … my workbook will supplement the information you will get from your personal Birkman report. You can purchase the workbook below.
  • The Birkman Method: Your Personality at Work
    Written by Sharon Birkman, the daughter of Roger Birkman, who developed the Birkman Method. She is the current CEO of Birkman International. Click HERE to purchase.
  • The Magic of the Method
    Written by Connie Charles, a Birkman consultant,. Connie makes the information from the Birkman Method actionable. She has a strong practical approach to using the information. The first half of this book is still very helpful. When Birkman changed the names of the components, it made the second half of this book more confusing to use for people who are unfamiliar with the earlier names used for those components. Nonetheless, the actionable suggestions she gives for those components continues to be helpful. Click HERE to purchase.

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To schedule a conversation with Dr. Robin to request information on the Birkman Method, click HERE.

Birkman Questionnaire Fee $150.00
Birkman Coaching Session $300.00 per session
Birkman Group Session Call (760) 699-7279 or email Dr. Robin HERE
Working the Birkman Workbook
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