Key Collaborators

Sometimes we collaborate with others in the Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competence space to meet client expectations.  These collaborators include:

Joel Lesko of SUNSHOWER LEARNING for eLearning Program Design
Joel is the owner of SunShower Learning, a leading producer of award-winning diversity and inclusion training programs, including Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts, the best-selling diversity training video about how to speak up in the face of bias and stereotypes, Defeating Unconscious Bias: 5 Strategies, designed to address the hidden biases that can affect hiring, promoting and team building and limit the creation of an inclusive workplace (named a Telly Award winner), Gateways to Inclusion: Turning Tense Moments into Productive Conversations, Anyone Can Be An Ally: Speaking UP for an LGBT Inclusive Workplace and Inclusion Insights: Stereotypes, Lazy Brains & Unintentional Intolerance. Joel has 30 years’ experience in all phases of production of documentaries, corporate identity pieces, TV shows, and educational training programs. His work has appeared on PBS, network and cable TV and in classrooms and training rooms around the world. As a filmmaker, inclusion coach and workshop leader, his passion is creating a more respectful workplace. Before he embarked on his career in film and video, Joel traveled the world teaching meditation.


Leslie Aguilar for OUCH! programs through the DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION CENTER.
Dr. Robin is a certified facilitator for the OUCH! programs and has collaborated with Leslie Aguilar for many years.  The Diversity & Inclusion Center is a full-service consulting firm providing strategic and learning resources for Cultural Competence, Inclusion and Diversity, and D&I Change Agency.


Pat Heim and Tammy Hughes at the HEIMGROUP for GenderSpeak workshops.  Dr. Robin is a certified facilitator of GenderSpeak workshops. The GenderSpeak workshop helps men and women to better understand and value each other’s cultures in order to become more successful together both professionally and personally. Men and women grow up in different cultures. As a result, we learn different lessons about “appropriate” behavior. What seems natural to one gender can seem mysterious and baffling to the other. Designed by Dr. Pat Heim and Tammy Hughes, the workshop enables participants to comprehend the rules of the other gender, read intent more accurately, value differences, and implement practical strategies. Together, participants explore leadership, teamwork and interaction styles. They define three approaches to dealing with gender-related problems. Then participants will have opportunities to decide which approach would be most appropriate given their real-life issues. This highly engaging workshop is comprised of interactive exercises, case studies, games and videos.