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360 assessments provide feedback from a group of raters who you choose. They rate you on your competencies. Competencies are skills, behaviors, and attitudes correlated with your performance at work and career success. 360 Feedback helps you compare how you intend to behave with how others experience your behavior. The tools highlight places where you and those who work with you confirm your strengths … and stumbling blocks. You may uncover some hidden strengths through this process … or some blind spots.

Because you are getting information from all directions — peers, direct reports, clients (if you wish), and your manager — and from multiple sources, you can look for themes that will help you decide what is most useful from the information they are providing. We do have robust research that supports the notion that high-quality feedback can be useful for career development. But ‘high-quality’ can be subjective.

Working with Dr. Robin, you can decode the feedback and filter out some unconscious biases that may be in it, making the feedback more useful. Feedback always comes through the giver’s filter, so some bias is fairly common. Moreover, having Dr. Robin coach you through the feedback process means the development conversations stay confidential and the information you obtain can be used for your learning.

Korn Ferry’s 360 Feedback tool is robust because of the large numbers of people who have used it and the research that supports the competencies it measures. It gives some global information about competencies correlated with success, by industry, and by organizational level. Competency expectations from your organization / raters is also very helpful contextual information.

Dr. Robin is a certified user of Korn Ferry’s 360 Feedback tools. She adds additional value for decoding the feedback through the Diversity-Inclusion-Equity lens because she has used this tool in the UCLA Anderson School for over a decade. She has a strengths-based orientation while this tool focuses more on correcting ‘weaknesses’. Dr. Robin will work with you to make sure you name, claim, and aim your strengths … and get credit for intentional use of those strengths. Depending on your ratings, and because of the way the tool defines a ‘weakness’, Dr. Robin frequently helps clients put so-called weaknesses in perspective. And with her coaching skills, she is adept at helping YOU decide which competencies are important for YOU to develop.

360 Feedback is available in the following formats.

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