Six Secret Soft S.K.I.L.L.S.

Using any one of the skills in this acronym will boost your leadership effectiveness: Solution Seeking, Kudos, Inclusion, Listening, Learning, and SMARTER goals.  Solution Seeking explains why you want to value people with answers and team members who engage others in the process for finding solutions.  Kudos shares the motivation research that says the best Kudos:Constructive Criticism ratio is 3:1 and explains how to give feedback effectively using that research.  While there are many inclusion strategies, using names with contributions is high-leverage inclusive behavior that works really when leading diverse-multicultural teams.  Listening is a meta-emotional intelligence competency that demonstrates respect, balances cultural and personality-based communication styles and helps you learn fast.  Learning from different perspectives is core benefit of diversity, according to state-of-the-art Harvard Business School research.  While many people managers already know to make SMART goals (Specific, Measured, Actionable, Results-Oriented and Timed, the motivation research suggests that adding Engaging and Reinforcement to your goals, e.g. making them SMARTER goals, boosts your team’s effectiveness.

DRJ_productspage_0701  S-Solution Seeking (value people with answers and a process for finding solutions)
02  K-Kudos (motivation research says best Kudos:Constructive Criticism ratio is 3:1)
03  I-Inclusion (using names with contributions is high-leverage inclusive behavior)
04  L-Listening (meta-competency to demonstrate respect, balance communication styles, learn fast)
05  L-Learning (from different perspectives is core benefit of diversity)
06  S-SMARTER goals (Specific, Measured, Actionable, Results-Oriented, Timed, Engaging, Reinforced)
07  Conclusion

This is one of Dr. Robin’s Reminder CDs.  Dr. Robin’s Reminder Audio CDs review information she presents in keynotes and seminars, providing a convenient way to remember and share core concepts from these leadership development experiences.

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