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Tips and Tools for re-inventing, re-focusing, and re-balancing your Work-Life.  No matter how far people go in their careers, if they feel they are not being the true to themselves, not doing what they love, not fulfilling their purpose, or somehow being inauthentic – the cost will have been too high.  In this third edition of her popular Career by Design Workbook, Dr. Robin helps yo...

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Transformational Listening

Transformational Listening

Transformational Listening demonstrates respect behaviorally, helps you collaborate, builds trust, b...
Six Secret Soft S.K.I.L.L.S.

Six Secret Soft S.K.I.L.L.S.

Using any one of the skills in this acronym will boost your leadership effectiveness: Solution Seeki...
Don’t be a J.E.R.K. manager

Don’t be a J.E.R.K. manager

J.E.R.K. is an acronym for Jamming your ideas down others' throats, Embarrassing them, Retaliat...

The Birkman Method

Perfectionism vs. Achievement



This creative approach adds practical insight to leadership research to truly learn and lead from diversity. - Exec Director Kaitz Foundatio...
David M. Porter, Jr.
I've held the assumption “I’m not a leader! Dr. Robin helped me shed that assumption.  Now I say, and believe, “I lead!” - Leslie Aguilar
Leslie Aguilar
Dr. Robin Johnson brings truly extraordinary creativity, brilliance and caring to her leadership development programs.  - Connie Gersick
Connie Gersick
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